13.Pelswick  | 14.Gram-Gram  | 15.My Dad  | 16.Kate and Bobby  
17.Ace and Goon  | 18.Julie Smockford  | 19.Sandra Scoddle  | 20.Vice Principle Zeigler  
21.Boyd Scullarzo  | 22.Mr.Jimmy



Hey everyone. I’m Pelswick Eggert. I am an ordinary kid, but unlike any of my friends, I’ve got a cool set of wheels. I am “premanently seated” as I like to call it. Oh, I go through all the junk any regular guy goes through - school, friends, girls, zits... I just happen to be in a wheelchair. Don’t think for a minute that slows me down. In fact, I can put most skate boarders to shame! I can spot a hoax a mile away, and I refuse to follow the flock. I’m my own dude.



Gram-Gram lives with us. We share a special bond - we don’t take each other’s crap. She’s always on the go, and doesn’t let me take life sitting down either. She’s as tough as nails, she’s full of tall tales, and I have a terrible feeling I’m going to be exactly like her when I’m old. (I hear peculiarity is heredity).


15.My Dad

My Dad’s name is Quentin. He is a professor at the local university. He’s a great dad but he isn’t always “hip”. He’s ultra-politically correct, and wants to do everything by the book. Dad thinks family togetherness is very important, and is always trying to get us to go on dorky family outings. I gotta give the guy credit though, he sure does try hard.


16.Kate and Bobby

My little sister Kate exists solely to drive me nuts. She’s always spying on me and getting into my business, and then she’ll try to blackmail me! She’s a smart kid - on rare occasions she has even been known to outsmart me. As sisters go, though, she’s kinda fun. I know she secretly looks up to me. My brother Bobby is still really young - so naturally he thinks I’m the coolest dude ever.


17.Ace and Goon

Ace is my best friend. He is always there to back me up. He’s a cool dude and thinks I am too.

Goon is my other best friend. He’s got a huge heart, and its right in the middle of a huge ribcage. Goon sees the world differently than the rest of us. (That’s the nicest way I can say it) He wants to be a pro wrestler one day - and I don’t even TRY to tell him wrestling is fake.


18.Julie Smockford

Julie is a beacon of light in the dreary pit that is Alcatraz High. She is smart, pretty, and being near her makes me sweat like an ox (condition which I hope to recover from soon). Julie believes in justice for all, and doesn’t hesitate to get involved in the latest causes. She hates the cliques and popularity contests that other girls get caught up in. She’s great because I can be having the worst day and she can totally cheer me up just by saying “Pelswick, you ROCK!”


19.Sandra Scoddle

Sandra and Julie are best friends. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, because they yell at each other a lot. Sandra is smart and very competitive, and thinks that her way of doing things is the only way. She isn’t as tolerant of people as Julie is - especially geeks. Sandra often gets sucked into the latest fads and fashion trends. She’s pretty hip though - well, at least she thinks she is.


20.Vice Principle Zeigler

VP Zeigler is basically a good guy and a pretty good principle, but man, he is one strange dude. Like, he’s way out there, you know? If he were a pie crust, he’d win a blue ribbon: F-L-A-K-Y!! Of course that usually makes him the prefect pawn in the schemes that I come up with to outwit Boyd.


21.Boyd Scullarzo

Boyd takes great pride in being the #1 school bully. He’s fairly dense, but not dense enough to miss an opportunity to be a royal pain in my butt. I guess I should appreciate the fact that Boyd sees my wheelchair not as a disadvantage, but merely another prop for his endless stream of feeble insults. I, on the other hand, utilize my superior brain power to outwit him and expose him for the dope that he is.


22.Mr jimmy

Everyone has a guardian angel - it’s just that I happen to be able to see mine. His name is Mr. Jimmy. He’s kind of whacked -out dude - he wears the weirdest outfits and is always popping up out of the blue. Mr. Jimmy helps me figure stuff out - well sort of. Mostly he gives me annoyingly indirect advice and I figure stuff out for myself. I don’t know where he came from, but it’s cool to have him around.


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